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Education Law

Educators are required to teach within the confines of the law as well as work within their contracts. Despite many obstacles, the public education system is making steps to bring students, their families and educators together.

Elder Law

If you are thinking about placing an elderly relative in a nursing home make sure that you know what to look for when evaluating facilities.

Legal Malpractice

The vast majority of lawyers handle all cases with a high degree of professionalism, but like any other industry there are those that only do the bare minimum. Hiring a lawyer that specializes in legal malpractice can help you to prove to a court of law that your original case was mishandled.

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What Happens to Community Property After the Death of a Spouse?

Some states are known as community property states which means that married couples share all of their property equally. Any property that is purchased during the marriage is considered to belong to both partners. Laws regarding the inheritance of community property vary a bit from state to state.

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Why You Need a Living Trust and a Power of Attorney

A living trust and a power of attorney may seem similar but they are in fact two completely different things. They provide different functions and both are essential when preparing your estate. The power of attorney will appoint someone to handle your finances when you are no longer able to do so. You should understand that there are different powers of attorney that provide different functions. For instance, a power of attorney over finances appoints someone to pay your bills and basically handle your money. A power of attorney over healthcare will appoint someone to make decisions for you regarding your medical care.

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Understanding Laws Pertaining to Non-Profit Organizations

An NPO or a non-profit organization is one that does not directly distribute surplus income to its shareholders. Instead, an NPO uses the funds that it earns in order to fund a public purpose. For instance, an organization that works with homeless animals may be classified as a non-profit organization because it offers a public service in a sense and does not operate for the sole purpose of earning a profit.

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Understanding Division of Marital Assets

During a divorce the emotional turmoil alone can be stressful. Dividing marital assets can be very difficult to endure, particularly if the divorce is less than amicable. Some states are community property states which simply means that all marital assets are divided equally among both spouses. In states where community property laws are not in place however, dividing any property and other assets that you have accumulated during your marriage can be difficult to say the least.

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